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Welcome to Look Who's Talking!

Look Who’s Talking is a PDA Shop distributing mainly top of the range cellphones not previously launched in South Africa, together with other sophisticated advanced  technological devices for the business executive, who wants to operate his entire business from his cellphone and who needs to be in touch with his business at all times, locally and abroad. The technology offered includes but is not limited to:


·        Windows based cellphones

·        Symbian and palm based cellphones

·        Sending and receiving faxes from cellphone

·        Internet banking on cellphone via Wizzit

·        E-mail and full internet access on cellphones

·        TV on cellphone

·        3G data connect

·        Wifi connect

·        GPS units with mapping software for the whole of SA and most international destinations

·        Voice recognition software

·        Voice over IP solutions

·        Connecting cellphones to Microsoft products including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook

·        Bluetooth solutions linking cellphones to office networks and your vehicle

·        Push to talk – enabling a cellphone user to communicate with employees or family members at the push of a button

·        PDA and cellphone accessories

·        The latest toys for boys – for communication

·        Transferring photographs from the cellphone to either a digital printer or CD

·        Backup and restoration of cellphone contacts for the business executive




We at are an exclusive Vodacom Dealer and put our connections through Cellshack Dealer Division, a member of the Massmart group.  We supply phones with or without contracts, and carry a large range of software and accessories for all makes of cellphones. We also offer a unique same day repair service for minor repairs and water damaged cellphones. Other major repairs are completed within two days.


We have prided ourselves in always trying to provide customers with the best service and customer care that our Customers deserve.  What you might ask makes our company unique?  is a dynamic committed company with hands on philosophy to business.


We currently have a branch at Morningview Shopping Center, South Road, Sandton. Our customers demand the very latest technology and product solutions to help them manage their businesses more effectively using their cellphones and other telecommunication devices.


 Our competitive edge is our superior product knowledge in total business solutions, service excellence and the ability to import cellphones and business solutions up to 6 months before they are launched in South Africa.


 We have a few basic tenets that we adhere to: -


·        We continually strive to keep abreast of the latest technology

·        We ensure that our staff are properly trained in product and business solutions

·        We enjoy what we do

·        We continually strive for service excellence

·        Our customers are our partners


This underpins our core thinking and general attitude to the business.  We believe that our responsibility as a supplier extends way beyond the mere supply of stock.  This is best characterised by our TOTAL FULFILMENT concept. By this we mean a ONE – STOP cellphone and business solution service that encompasses a host of other ancillary services.


Our basic tener is : “Quality through service and product excellence.”





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